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For Elementary (Pre-K-5)


Kia The Queen is brought to life through an animated interactive video! Here’s a preview!

Kia the Queen: Dream Curriculum is based on the children’s book, Kia the Queen and is designed to teach students how to identify and establish their dreams among challenging circumstances through positive thought and action.

The Dream Curriculum uses concepts based on best practices for motivating children in grade school, such as setting goals, self-value, and courage. The curriculum includes

illustration, activities, and group discussions that foster engagement and shared learning. The curriculum is designed by the author of Kia the Queen, who is passionate about student learning, empowerment and achievement.


  • Help students identify their dream
  • Help students identify positive thoughts and actions to help them achieve their dream
  • Describe the importance of having belief in their dream.
  • Describe the importance of self-value in achieving their dream.
  • Describe ways to show courage in the face of challenges.

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